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    Problem with cffileupload & firefox

    soltiger Level 1

      I have set up a site with custom authentication and form that uploads multiple files using <cffileupload>-tag. Everything works fine with Chrome and IE. But when I switch to FF, the upload fails.


      Both pages, the form containing <cffileupload>-tag and the page handling the actual upload, resides on the area which is authenticated. Authentication uses cookie data as part of the authentication method. As said, this doesn't cause any problem with Chrome or IE, but when I try with FF, the authentication method won't be able to read cookie data. The CFID and CFTOKEN are passed correctly though.


      I have tried reading documentation, to search Google and this forum, but I'm not quite sure where exactly problem resides. Is it that for some reason the FF's flash player can't access the cookie data and pass it along to the server, but in Chrome&IE flash is able to do that?


      I figured that as a workaround I could check if request is coming from my upload widget, and pass the cookie data as request variables (as part of URL), or guide users not to use FF :/..., but I would rather not go there just yet, if there is a simpler solution available.  Any ideas?


      I'm using the latest version of FF, flash and have installed the latest updates on ColdFusion 11.

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the form containing <cffileupload>-tag

          How do you implement that? There is no need for a form to contain the tag.

          the authentication method won't be able to read cookie data.

          What do you mean? Could you show us the code?


          All you had to do is ensure that Coldfusion maintains session between the cffileUpload widget and the URL. To achieve this, it is sufficient to enable sessions for the application.