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    Buttons that change destinations!

    marieb4259177 Level 1

      Hi community!


      I am creating a ling document made up of 40 somethings inDesign files assembled in a book. It will be exported to a fixed-layout epub.

      I created master pages for numerous chapters, part overtures, etc.

      In the master pages I have created a "home" button that jumps back to the TOC, situated in the first file of the book.

      Each chapters have a series of buttons to jump from one chapter to the other from that same part of the book (there are 5 parts in that 576 pages book.


      I realise that, when I synchronize the files to get the master pages in all of them, that the destination for my "home" in that book changes in the new files, and become that same file pointing to the first idTOC ancor that it finds in the list!


      Arrrgggghhhh! I have to verifie each one to get it back to the good destination!


      But what is even more weird, all the other buttons in the same master pages, pointing out to other chapters and parts of the book, keep their good destinations!


      This is so frustrating!


      Did I miss something?


      Thanks for help, anyone!