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    Ho do I uninstall (only) Extension Manager CS3?


      I need to get rid of Extension Manager from my CS3 (I'm using this old version because, being in the animation trade, it contained the last version of Flash I reckon was good for us animators. From there on it only got worse, but I digress...).

      I need EM to use some third-party animation extensions, but the one I got in the installer package crashes every time I open it.

      I downloaded another (and hopefully patched, or newer) version of EM CS3, but it won't install because it says I still have the older one. Running the installer from the disc or from the utility just allows me to uninstall big chunks of software, but no mention of EM.


      So... back to the question: how do I do away with EM CS3 without dumping the whole Suite? Thank you...