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    Why does any CS6 application ask for my license key every time I run it?

    ronf78888085 Level 1

      Every time I run any CS6 application I am asked to enter the license key.  This started around July 1 and is a pain in the rear.  I read that another user asked this question and Adobe's advice was to save the number in a text file so the user could simply copy-paste into the dialog EVERY FLIPPIN' TIME IT ASKED.  I whole-heartedly agreed with his response:  I paid for the software.  I should not have to keep entering the license key every time.  It should remember the key since I paid for it.  This is not a hassle I should have to deal with and the response/solution from Adobe is laughable at best.  (Not a verbatim quote.)


      I've tried for several days to get into the "Chat help" but its always down.  Gee, I WONDER why.  (and I wish that text could convey the level of sarcasm I hear in the voice in my head).  ADOBE YOU NEED TO FIX THIS AND PROVIDE A REAL SOLUTION.  For the cost of this software, this nonsense should not be happening or even a blip on the radar.  It should not even be a booger on the SCREEN of the radar.  It should be quick, done and on to REAL problems. 


      And please don't tell me I need to connect to the internet.  I AM connected (hence able to log into and post on this forum).  Further re internet: I should not have to be online to use a full-feature application that's paid for.  Even Office 365 allows use offline.