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    RoboHelp 2015 output won't display in our server app. Message "Error: Object doesn't support property or method registerListener2" is returned

    raylangivens Level 1

      We recently upgraded from RoboHelp 9 to RoboHelp 2015 because version "next" of our server product must support multiple browsers. We have a very large Help file that gets called by the server application. It rendered properly on the server when we built the project with RH9. After upgrading to RH2015, I made a couple of changes to two topics and rebuilt the help. The Help displays fine on my local system. When the help output folder was added to the server build, the result was a blank page with the activity indicator spinning in the browser tab. QA used IE-F12 Developer Tools to get the debug message: "Error: Object doesn't support property or method "registerListener2."  We have no idea what is causing this issue, but it has forced us to go back to RH 9 until we can resolve it. I cannot send the Help project for you to look at , although I can send you a jpg of the error msg, the whproxy.js file, and our stylesheet (if that could be involved). I noticed the whproxy.js file for RoboHelp 2015 is much larger than the one used with RH 9, so I wonder if there's something in it that we should comment out.



      Browser is IE 11.

      Server runs on Windows 2012 R2 x64

      Help was built with RH 2015 on Windows 8.x.