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    No margins when printing RoboHelp 7 topic from Windows Server 2008, text cut off


      Hi all, I'm a minimally-techy person at a small software company who maintains our program's RoboHelp 7 HTML help file and have for years.  Many of the end users that access this help file do so via RDC, connecting to various Windows servers we host.  Those that get to our 2000 servers (all virtual machines) have no issue printing the Help topics.  However, when on a Windows 2008 server, printouts of any topic from RoboHelp 7 html have no margins, and so the printer cuts off all around the document what it can't print to the very edge.  We have multiple 2008 servers (again, virtual machines) and it happens with each one, and no matter what printer (including .pdf writer) we go to.  2000 and 2008 are the only server types used via RDC.


      LAN users don't seem to have an issue regardless as to the OS (~0.75" margin appears automatically, including to .pdf writer), but then no LAN users use a 2008 server as their workstation so I don't have a way to test that.


      I have access to a virtual machine workstation via RDC that runs Windows 8, and again no issue with margins missing/printing cutting off.


      The file extension on the Help file is .chm and the items users print are titled topics in RH.  Robohelp 7 html, 7.01.001 is what I've got in Help | About RoboHelp html.


      Any ideas?  I don't have access to any admin functions on these servers, I just maintain the RoboHelp file that ends up on them.  Thanks all!