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    Trying to make a glass orb distort/magnify the layers, precomps below

    singingzoologist Level 1

      I'm trying to create the effect that things are distorted as they pass behind the glass dome of this sub. For example, the turtle's shell should be warped where is is behind the dome. I figured magnify would do this but, of course, that only magnifies the stuff on the actual layer so a little Googling tells me that an adjustment layer should do the task. 


      First thing, the sub is a precomp so I don't even know if it's possible for an adjustment layer to work from one composition to another.  If this is not possible then all else below is probably moot. The turtle, fish and water are all their own layers if that's relevant.


      Also related--this is being inserted into a Premiere project and it'd be cool if that magnify effect also worked over the text, generated in Premeire, as the sub passes in front of it. Possible? Do adjustment layers affect things across CC programs?


      Next thing to know: the sub precomp was imported, with layers, from Photoshop.  The sub body is a layer, the pilot is a layer (footage added in AE), there's a front dome and a back dome, so we have lots of flexibility. 


      I tried creating an adjustment layer with an elliptical mask shaped like the dome and inserted it above the dome background (and remember this is a precomp) but, as you see in the screen shot, it had no effect. I made sure magnification size reached to the edge of the dome and I set the magnification amount to 500% so we really should see some effect if this was the proper way to do things.


      Obviously it's not so here I am, asking humbly for your advice, oh, mighty and respected Adobe barons and baronesses.


      With immense gratitude,

      Singing Zoologist