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    Word Searchable Video ...

      I’m asking myself if it is possible to create a Flash8 video in the way that along to the video a written word layer could allow to search the video for certain words, get a clickable hit-list and then click and jump to the position in the video where the hit occures.
      If somebody knows how it works and can show me a little example of it, I’d be able to create a project to build up a pipeline for this ... of course paid then.

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          Rothrock Level 5
          Shouldn't be that difficult. Structure it with an XML file of the "captions," read in the captions to an array or leave as XML, (you could show the captions if you wanted) search the array for occurrences of the word and jump to that caption.

          This would assume that you were okay with playing a bit of video around the words. Also depending upon how long/big the videos are you wouldn't be able to skip ahead to a part of the video which hadn't loaded yet.

          And it would be a lot of work. The audio portion would have to be transcribed and broken into appropriately timed "captions."

          Finally a question would be, would you want to search on any of the words or only some? Or would the user just get to type in any word such as "quiff"?
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            Hi Rothrock ,
            thx for your reply. I'm working in 2D / 3D / Movie and want to create a searchable Video example to offer to make some clients in this field. Would you be interested in a joint : me the client work / treatment / storyboard / video / transcription into timed captions and you the video search application ? I'm pretty sure that this will attract some clients to order it, but I need to put together a convincing sample to be able to promote it to them.



            P.S. I'm in LA

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              Rothrock Level 5
              Oh maybe. I'm pretty good at being non-commital – maybe.

              So what about the parts that I have questions about? Depending upon what the answers to those are it would make the difference of if it was really feasible to do in Flash.

              Would it matter if it just jumped near the occurrence of the word?
              What kind of search? From a provided list or any word? What about stems?

              PS: Here is a link to some video work I've done before. Not all of the videos have been captioned yet, but the first one on the left in the people section has captions. Unless you have Devanagari (Hindi) fonts installed you won't see the actual text, but you can get the idea.

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                let's continue outside the forum though it goes into details and more. You reach me under xfh@2he.com so I can reply to you with the answers to your last reply ...