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    max number of movie clips on the stage at once

    ogre11 Level 1
      I have 3 classes that make up a gallery, Viewer, ThumbnailContainer, Thumbnail.

      Thumbnail container displays any number of Thumbnails in various developer defined ways. Viewer shows a large version of each thumbnail and uses a setInterval to fade between pics when a new pic is selected. Each Thumbnail class creates about 4-8 Movieclips for various purposes, so when there are 50 thumbnails on the stage at once, there's anywhere between 200 and 400 MovieClips and then another 50 - 100 for each large image and another couple that Viewer and ThumbnailContainer create for various reasons. The problem is that performance is incredibly sluggish on any setInterval. I can only assume it's due to my 500+ MovieClips on the stage at once. I've just realised my answer might be using an empty MovieClip to create intervals since setInterval.

      Does this sound like a good solution?