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    A product agnostic forum for developers | Coding Corner

    Preran Adobe Employee

      About Coding Corner


      This forum is for all levels of developer focused questions. The kind of questions we will encourage will be in the areas of UI/UX, SPA, Web->App (Phonegap, etc), HTML*, CSS, Databases, Structure (XML, JSON, etc), Specification (HTTP, TCP, SSL, etc), Client (JavaScript, Frameworks, Flash, AIR, etc) and Server Side (PHP, ASP, etc) technologies and Services. While it is not limited to these areas, they are what make up the vast majority of development and most of them are used concurrently.


      The unique aspect of this forum is all of the technologies mentioned have multiple Adobe products that can be used in their workflows. Users will no longer need to break questions up into their product-centric bits, posted over potentially multiple forums. A concise problem and answer can be posted and solved in this type of forum.

      Adobe has already taken this approach for design, offering Design Forum. It has no development counterpart to enrich with product-agnostic discussions, questions and answers. These neutral discussions can produce high PR ranking content that developers are likely to find related to their searching, bringing even more users in.

      Coding Corner


      I request all moderators to move coding specific requests to this new forum so that we can have product-agnostic coding related questions in one place.


      We wil be monitoring the popularity of this forum regularly and also promoting it on our various social channels. Feel free to promote it yourself.