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    Autoheight of a dynamic textbox

    rohai Level 1

      I have this script which reads the xml and creates a list of article titles and descriptions. The problem is that I can't figure it out how to tell Flash/AS that the distance between two titles depends on the height of a title textbox and description textbox. I have this line I'm playing around but I have no idea what to do.

      var item_mc = menu_mc.attachMovie("menu_item","item"+item_count, item_count);
      item_mc._y =(item_count * (item_mc.info_txt._height + item_mc.main_btn._height));
      var previtem = item_count-1;
      item_mc._y =(previtem._y + previtem._height);

      If I use

      item_mc.info_txt._height = 100;

      it works, but if I use

      item_mc.info_txt._height = autoSize;

      it's not working