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    lightroom not opening


      On a long trip, I filled up most of my Macbook memory with pictures using Lightroom 6. Everything was still working well until on my way home I closed my laptop while Lightroom was still open. Upon re-opening my laptop, I got an error message due to memory (I only had ~ 3GB free). After returning home, Lightroom would not launch. It would begin to (I would see the photo of the woods) but the underlying program never actually launched. I had to force quit over and over. I moved most of the pictures to my external hard drive freeing up most of the memory on my laptop, but I have the same issue. I launched my latest back up (only a couple of days old) and that has the same issue. I have .lock, -journal and preview folders open even though lightroom is closed. I have deleted the .lock folder as I read that may be the problem, but it didn't help. I read that I shouldn't delete the other 2 because they are important (though I don't mind at all losing any changes since my last back-up). I'm totally stuck, I can't get Lightroom to open and I have to forward pictures tomorrow for a contest deadline. I am trying to call Adobe support, but the call won't go through. Please help!!!