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    [CS6]  How can I find all process magenta and convert to existing swatch? [JS]

    Shaunre Level 1

      Hi guys, I've run into a bit of an issue with the find/change tool. I used it to change certain colors to a spot swatch in my swatch list but it seems to have ignored the swatch and converted it to 4cp.


      I think there are a couple ways to resolve this with a script


      In this case it's just the magenta plate that needs to be converted. So the script would find all colors under this plate and try to replace them with an existing swatch, called SECONDARY which is 100% magenta and is labeled as a spot. If it is not possible to replace the color with an existing one like this via script, then maybe it can simply create a new copy of the process one so it comes up in the swatches list. This way I can highlight all copies at once, delete, and then replace with my existing swatch.



      I hope this isn't too difficult to do. I really don't want to have to manually select each object that uses the 4cp magenta and make it my secondary.


      Thanks for any help you can give!