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    InDesign CC2015 is a Crash Fest

    Herbert2001 Level 4

      I updated from InDesign CS6 to InDesign CC2015, and checking students' work today has resulted in at least 10 crashes and other miscellaneous random glitches and odd behaviour (such as scrolling the view no longer working, slow responses in scaling objects, etc.) which have forced me in restarting InDesign at least four times so far.

      Compared to CS6 (which would crash once or twice a day) it is positively a crash fest. The crashes occur randomly, and I am predominantly merely browsing student assignments, and doing some edits here and there. Most of these documents are at most 5 pages long, with alternate layouts in horizontal and vertical formats.


      Windows 7 64bit, i7 920@3.6ghz, 48GB ram, Nvidia GTX 590, RevoDriveX3, latest drivers, Windows all updates. Three screen system: two 27" 2560x1440 Samsung screens and one portrait pivoted HP screen 1920x1200.


      I experience no such crashes in any other software: and I use 3d applications, video editing, sound editing, and a myriad of other graphics and design related apps. Everything runs rock steady, with the occasional crash in certain known culprits (beta version of Davinci Resolve, for example) - except InDesign CC 2015.


      What are your experiences, and does anyone here happen to have found a setting or trick to prevent these random intermittent, but regular, crashes? It is starting to affect my work.