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    Is There a Windows desktop PC Version?

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      I realize shape is primarily designed as an app for mobile devices, but I'd be more comfortable learning it on my big screens with a mouse and tablet, and easy access to my image library.  I found this old link that appears to suggest a Windows version — or is just for Windows Mobile devices.  I've checked the FAQ and had a Google, but hey, who would know more than you guys?


      Adobe Shape For PC - Windows 7, 8 & 8.1


      Incidentally, I'm surprised there is not more interest because of the invitation for ACPs to submit a graphic for this years MAX.  I have mine roughed out, but if we have to use Shape CC to start the process, I want to give my tired old eyes a fighting chance of seeing what the heck I am doing. 


      [EDIT]  I did try to install Shape on my iPad 3, but iTunes insisted on updating the IOS software on the iPad, and promptly broke it.  The iPad is now stuck in a Restore loop I have been unable to break it out of.  That's the second time iTunes has wrecked one of my IOS devices!  Sp now I only have an iPhone 5 which is way too small for graphics editing.  

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          This is a quite old forum.    I'm pleased to say I fixed my iPad, and now have a better idea of how Shape works.  I have also discovered that I can share my shapes between apps via CC Libraries, which are one of my favourite features of recent CC versions.  I'd still like to use the Shape on my desktop PC though, so would welcome and pointers in that respect.



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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Trevor,


            I'm not completely sure I understand your question: Are you hoping that there's an Adobe Shape app for desktop?



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              KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

              Fixed iPad: Always good.


              Adobe Shape on Windows: not offered as a desktop app from Adobe


              If you want to run mobile (Android / iOS) apps on your desktop, you'll need third party software like BlueStacks emulator

              It's an emulator, so it's not the best experience. 

              As you probably know now, the best part about Shape is the ability to take it with you on your camera--i-mean-phone.


              When it's on your desktop/laptop through an emulator, you need to hold your source in front of your webcam (if it's supported by the emulator)


              Best use for Shape to Desktop workflow for me has been:


              1. Create with Shape (mobile device)

              2. Open library in Illustrator CC

              3. Edit vectors in Illustrator