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    Cannot restore InDesign file after not having saved properly




      I would really appreciate some help. I have been working on a document for three months and continually saving it to the Creative Cloud. The last time saving appears as though it did not save anything, despite my Creative Cloud saying all files were up to date. I know this because it is only 1kb in size, where it should be 1.4mb. I went to my Cloud website to try to restore the previous 1.4mb version, which had been working fine as I'd opened it previously to work on. However when I go to restore that revised version, it is saying 'There was an issue restoring this version of your asset. Please try again later.' I tried earlier versions, and got the same message. I chatted to someone in Adobe however after 30 minutes of stalling me, asking me irrelevant questions and making me repeat what I had already explained, he said he couldn't help. Can anyone offer me any assistance as to how to restore the previous version? I have given up trying to understand why it didn't save properly in the first place, I just want a restored version for now.