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    Lightroom CC suddenly and increasingly very unstable

    vertizonphoto1 Level 1

      Lightroom CC on My late 2012 iMac is becoming REALLY unstable, becoming unresponsive consistently throughout the day. It often coincides with the use of PS and saving images as TIF's that I'm editing saving back to my LR catalog, but can happen at any time. I also recently had my 3TB Fusion Drive replaced due to a recall, but I'm not sure that coincided with the instability. I use LR every day professionally and just got a notice after a crash that my catalog had becoome damaged and had to be rebuilt. Scary stuff, as I have 106K images in my catalog.


      I've been told repeatedly that size of the catalog doesn't matter, but also wondering if I've reached a limit and need to break off to a new one.


      Should I blow away this current install and reinstall from the cloud? I figured the CC service would repair automatically with updates, but...


      Any help greatly appreciated. I fear something very wrong is about to happen.