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    Indesign CS6 hangs up on opening files

    Klingspor Level 1

      I am working with Indesign CS6 (v8.1) on an iMac; when closing a file and opening another one, Indesign frequently keeps hanging up. However, this is no reproducable process, since sometimes I can open and close 30 documents before ID hangs up and sometimes its only 5 documents.


      Is there a possibility to send crash reports to Adobe so they can figure out the problem and maybe fix it?


      My Hardware:

      Modellname:    iMac

        Modell-Identifizierung:    iMac14,2

        Prozessortyp:    Intel Core i7

        Prozessorgeschwindigkeit:    3,5 GHz

        Anzahl der Prozessoren:    1

        Gesamtanzahl der Kerne:    4

        L2-Cache (pro Kern):    256 KB

        L3-Cache:    8 MB

        Speicher:    16 GB

        Boot-ROM-Version:    IM142.0118.B09

        SMC-Version (System):    2.15f7

        Seriennummer (System):    DGKNM0VVF8JC

        Hardware-UUID:    21518381-D2D8-5854-ACEB-0C7141C067A2