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    I am building a Windows 7 PC for video editing



      A little background. I am building a new PC (Windows 7-64) to be able to have a more efficient (faster) rendering when grading video clips in Resolve LE and in CC 2015 apps.

      I would appreciate some expert opinion on CPUs to optimize the system I am building. Not too technical since I am not an expert on CPU parameters that are important.

      At the ASUS site it is stated that the Z10PE-D8 motherboard is optimized for the Intel Exeon 2600 series. Does this mean I am limited to this?


      So far I have purchased the following:

      • Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower
      • ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS, Socket-2011-3 Dual Processor
      • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 4 GB
      • Crucial DDR 4 - 2x16 GB (Plan to add 2x16 GB for total of 64 GB)
      • Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Drive
      • 2x Seagate Barracuda 2 TB in RaiD-0
      • Corsair 850 W PSU

      I also have a 12 GB NAS from my current system.

      I have not purchased the CPUs yet. Simply because there is so much contradicting info only to confuse me more than it helps.


      I would like some input on my options for 2 CPUs for this Motherboard.

      Budget wise I would like to stay below $ 2000 for both CPUs.


      Any help here is appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not trying to throw cold water on your project but you should consider this. There are literally thousands of component combinations that you can come up with when you build your own system from scratch. If you do not go with a known working system configuration then you are flirting with disaster. I would take a look at the system requirements and take a look at benchmark tests. Pick the components that match systems that are running well. Unfortunately there are not very many benchmark tests available. The newest one I found was from January of this year and there were only about 10 reports. If you plan on making movies you should give more attention to the Premiere Pro performance tests than to After Effects because that is where you will be spending most of your creative time.


          Probably the best advice I could give you would be to look at folks that build custom editing workstations, read their reviews and try and match their system components. There are a few custom builders out there with relatively good reputations. Pick one that you trust. Expect to be on your own when it comes to solving configuration and driver issues. All the major manufacturers have a large staff of employees that are dedicated to working out those problems as they are discovered. Personally I can't afford to take that risk so I always choose a system based on customer service and support.

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            hella1010 Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

            Perhaps my post was not clear enough and if so I apologize.


            The listing of components I have already purchased.

            I did so after research online. However, I have not yet chosen the CPUs for the motherboard.

            This is because it is very confusing to go by the various recommendations I have seen online.


            I was hoping that someone in this forum could give some advise on what CPUs would be most cost effective for a good production system.

            Like I mentioned I have a preliminary budget of 2 K for the 2 CPUs.


            Again, thank you for taking the time and I can ensure you that it has taken me some time to research the components I have purchased.

            I always build my own systems and have done so with good success since the 90s

            The new CPUs are my headache because i do not know much about them.



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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              you will be limited to what cpu's are supported by that motherboard, more specifically by the socket 2011-3. asus has a list on their website.



              for your budget of $2k, you can get two E5-2640 v3. the next step higher would be two E5-2660 v3 at $3k. the next step down would be two E5-2630 v3 at $1400. there is about 15% speed difference in dual setup, between each step up or down in those cpu's. one of the guru's here said 2.6ghz is recommended for passing data to the video card and the E5-2640 v3 is 2.6ghz.


              you can also check the memory QVL for your motherboard on asus website, http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z10PED8_WS/HelpDesk_QVL/

              the memory it lists are all ddr4 2133mhz ECC ram. if you didn't purchase exact memory model from the QVL it may still work, but needs to fit those specs in the memory QVL and also in the motherboard manual.

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Can anyone tell me why the E5-2640v3 has only the AVX 2.0 listed for the Instruction Set Extensions while the current i7's have Instruction Set Extensions  SSE4.2, AVX 2.0, AES.  I have always thought that the important instruction set for Premiere is the SSE 4.2

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                  hella1010 Level 1

                  Ronnie, I might be able to swing a E5-2660, but the E5-2640 will probably do for my needs...got to negotiate with the wife.

                  There are just so many different opinions floating around it's hard to make ends of it all....

                  I chose memory based on recommendation form the shop. I am in Norway and don't have the number of outlets you have in the US. Ordering from the US is rarely an option due to expensive shipping and taxes.


                  I shoot with EOS 5D2 in RAW with Magic Lantern (processed into DNx) and a EOS 5D3 reocrding to a Ninja Blade in DNx. Amazing quality you can get out of that, but with a little extra work.

                  I do most of my post with grading, a bit experimenting with different looks. I use Speed grade a lot and lately I have started getting into the Resolve.

                  It's not a business for me, just my hobby I have been into since early 90s.

                  My objective with this system is to have a bit faster rendering when I am grading the clips. I know I could have spent 15K and had a system built. If it was a business I would have done that, but for a hobby I need to set some limits....hehe


                  Bill, thanks for the links. Sounds like you have a race car setup I wouldn't mind seeing it in action with some grading jobs.


                  Thank you all for your inputs, very helpful to me.

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                    RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                    for grading with resolve, its very gpu heavy and you would see better performance upgrading the video card before spending another $1k on better cpu's. if you can return the gtx 980 for the 980 ti, that would be better and alot cheaper. i would even recommend dual gpu's to match your cpu power, but that would require the full version of resolve and a higher watt psu.


                    speedgrade should be dropped by adobe and the rest of its good features brought over to premiere. its received little to no attention for the last few years, leaving it outdated and buggy. resolve's learning curve can be difficult but its in another league compared to speedgrade.

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                      hella1010 Level 1

                      Thats interesting, Ronnie.

                      I can cancel the order because it will not be shipped until next Monday, waiting for some parts.


                      How do you feel about a single CPU ASUS X99-WS/IPMI Socket 2011-3 instead?

                      What CPU then?

                      And then go with the 980 Titan instead?

                      And 32 GB of RAM?



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                        hella1010 Level 1

                        On the shops website they recommend the i7- 5930K processor for the ASUS X99-WS/IPMI Socket 2011-3

                        Do you see any issues with this configuration?


                        Thanks again

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                          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                          for the cost, an i7-5960x build like bill pointed out is a good alternative to dual xeon's. the dual xeons loose alot of performance due to dual cpu overhead, so while on paper they should be way faster than a single i7, they don't benchmark that way. an overclocked i7-5960x build may be about 35% slower than dual E5-2640 v3 xeons, but will also cost alot less. the i7-5930k is still a good cpu and may be all you need, but gets pretty far away from the dual xeon performance. it would be 20% slower than the i7-5960x.


                          the ASUS X99-WS is high quality workstation grade, it very good. if you are looking to save money, there are other asus x99 boards for less that will work too. you may want to get a motherboard with usb 3.1 on it as well.

                          32gb (4x8gb) of memory should be fine.

                          gtx 980 ti

                          to better overclock and handle the extra power demands of the gtx 980 ti, you will want a quality 1,000+ watts power supply. if you want the ability to add another gtx 980 ti later, a 1200+ watt.

                          a large heatsink like the d14 or d15 from noctua for overclocking

                          add another ssd, a samsung 850 pro for premiere pro and resolve cache, a 256gb may be enough for that.


                          if you want other build examples you can look thru other build threads here with the x99 i7-5960x or i7-5930k..

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                            hella1010 Level 1

                            Thanks again, Ronnie,


                            I have now changed my order and landed on the:

                            ASUS X99-W S/IPMI board

                            GeForce 980 Ti 6 GB


                            HyperX Predator 2800 MHz 32 GB


                            With a new case and drives and some other stuff I ended up at just under 3K in cost. Not far from what I had expected.


                            I know that there will be some CMOS configuration needed. Anything in particular i need to be aware of?

                            Hope I can come back for some more CMOS questions as they arise....


                            It would also be interesting to hear what you think about CS-6 versus CC 2015.... As far as in performance. I see different opinions on this as well.



                            Again, thank you for all the help.