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    Flash CC and learning interactions

    Yarik V. Level 1

      Hi guys, I want to switch from my Flash CS6 to new CC 2015 version - I excited, how modern and various for publishing outputs this new version of Flash is. Old technologies are removed and new comes. Perfect.


      But - my Flash CS6 is a part of eLearning Suite 6 and this version of Flash includes special library for elearning enviroment, called Flash learning interactions. Is there a way to get Flash learning interactions library and install it as extension to Flash CC?


      My prefer development is Action Script 3 based content and Learning interactions would be very helpfull to create elearning materials in new version of Flash. Btw, hope, Adobe will recontinue development of Action Script 4 and both with WebGL enviroment for Flash users will be amazing dev set, include AIR, HTML5, video and SWF outputs.


      Thx for any response