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    The Flash Pro HTML5 Canvas Stage is Different than the Edge Animate Page Content

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      What's the difference between creating a web page animation with Adobe Flash Professional (Fl) and Adobe Edge Animate (An)? The apps' user interfaces (UI) are radically different. Fl is one of those big powerful legacy apps which got its start in the previous century. An is very focused, light, and easy to learn quickly, but without the huge feature sets of Fl plus all the integration Flash Pro has with other of Adobe's big muscular apps. It takes a while to master Fl. But beyond those differences, the core of what the two apps do is technically different. Flash Professional generates a HTML5 Canvas element. Canvas goes back to Apple's Mac OS X WebKit, around 11 years ago. Some would say that canvas is something like creating a stage on a web page onto which an animation is performed. In the case of Flash Professional, the performance can be very interactive and engaging for the viewer. The extensiveness of what can be done with Animate is pretty much up to the ingenuity of the user. An generates the HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS3 for you to drop into a page. Most of what people use it for are simple animations but it also works well on pages where elements need to re-flow as people resize them, or the content needs to be re-purposed for mobile devices. Canvas elements work on mobile devices, but the size of the "stage" is the size of the stage.