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    FINDER Starts, after each Export from L/R CC -Vers.6.

    BoutiquePhotos Level 1

      Hi All.

      This event only began yesterday.  ???

      When I Export an Image from L/R CC to another HDD, after editing, FINDER now stars every time this happens, to show me where the file has been placed.    I already know this as I was the one that chose the final location.     This happens when I Export file to any destination within my Computer   I  do not know why this is occurring & I do not know why this matter has only just began ??? 2 days ago this problem was not occurring and has never occurred in the past, to the best of my knowledge.   I must have clicked a button, or something else, within L/R, without knowing.  However, it is very annoying as I now need to shut down Finder EVERY TIME I export a file from L/R..  This is now interferring with my Workload. 

      Any advice or assistance regarding this anomaly, would be sincerely appreciated.  Cheers, H.


      PS: I run a mac Pro 2008 - 8 Core - 2 x 3.2 Ghtz - 32 Megs of Ram.