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    Prosite - Page Content - Text Jumping



      Is anyone else having strange glitches regarding page contents jumping down the page and not aligning properly when updating a text box? I have had this issue since early July and starting to lose my patience now due to getting no response as to why this issue hasn't been resolved. Going through the support team all I keep getting told is the developers are working to fix the bug, I am amazed that we're now going in to September and the issue still hasn't been resolved.

      In short all I want to do is update a text box on my "About & Contact" page, the problems I am experiencing is when I select to edit the text box, the page contents seem to jump down the page automatically for no reason? When I then go to edit the copy by removing words and replacing them with new words, the text seems to randomly change in font weight? Also once I have updated the copy with equal amount of words / lines, everything including the text box and images seem to jump down the page from it's original position.

      I work on a Mac and this happens on both Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers.


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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Gary - sorry to hear that! The ProSite team can give individualized help and look into this if you write into them at http://on.be.net/GetHelp



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            gnel17 Level 1

            Hi Sarah - I have already contacted the ProSite team regarding this issue, all I get back is developers are looking into it.

            More up to date support needs to be offered, I am very disappointed with the service I am currently getting.

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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              HI Gary - I'm very sorry to hear that, our apologies.


              To give a bit more insight into this, our team is in full swing finalizing the next iteration of ProSite. This all-new product will address a lot of the concerns expressed on this forum. From responsive layouts, to more templates and an easier interface- we are very excited for this announcement in the early Fall. We are working hard to get you the best product we absolutely can and will let you know as soon as this is accessible to use. Until then, please fill out this form to ensure you are one of the first to know.


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                gnel17 Level 1

                Hi Sarah - As much as the next chapter for ProSite is exciting time aheads, you need to reconsider how you're dealing with your paid customers regarding complaints about the service you offer not functioning properly.


                As a freelancer I rely heavily on my profile / website to be frequently up to date, at this moment in time I have now been put on hold for almost 3 months. I totally disagree with how live issues regarding the current edition of ProSite is being ignored until the next iteration is finalised, so that said how long are you expecting your paid customers to wait until they get a service worth paying for?


                Can you not update your customers with a friendly email explaining what the ProSite team are currently up to regarding the next iteration? what this will provide? definitive dates for when this will go live? and any issues customers are currently experiencing will be resolved in a definitive time frame?


                So I suppose my next question to you is, how much longer am I required to wait until I get my simple issue resolved?



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                  SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  HI Gary - sorry to hear that you're frustrated, I completely understand that this is a big pain point for you. In terms of the specific bug fix you're referring to, the agent you've been communicating with in our official support will have the most up-to-date info on that. I was simply trying to provide larger context for the future of the product. We agree that the current product shouldn't suffer just because a new product is coming soon. If you re-open or update the ticket you have open, you can get more specific info.


                  In terms of the timing of the new product, we're now only weeks away from launch. We do not provide definitive dates for launches, but but if you've signed via the link about to learn more about the product, you'll be the first to know when the launch happens.


                  Thanks for your understanding.

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                    gnel17 Level 1

                    Hi Sarah - firstly I want to clarify my frustration is not aimed specifically at you, more so the lack of information regarding when current issues will be resolved. I have been in touch with the agent again who is apparently looking into this (since July), and yet again I get an automated response of "we are aware of this bug and our developers are working to fix this issue, we will be in touch as soon as we have an update" (same message being repeated over and over since July).


                    I am getting bored of the constant lack of information (lies) regarding such a simple issue, and I am completely stunned at how extremely bad this whole situation has been handled from you guys. If you're expecting me to believe that your army of developers cannot resolve a simple issue regarding updating a text box, then something is seriously wrong with your processes.


                    Think about the thousands of customers using your current iteration of ProSite, think about how every single one of them have text boxes all over their ProSite's that they want to update regularly, and I am expected to believe that every single one of them is also experiencing the same issue I have regarding updating a text box? I hardly believe so, otherwise the forum discussions would be flooded with the same complaints which funnily enough it isn't.


                    I honestly feel I have now been left to go to the extreme measures of completely changing my website design to work around the issue you're refusing to fix, which in all honestly I should not have to be in this position to do so. My other option is now to take my work elsewhere as I feel the team are more concerned about the next iteration of ProSite, rather than making sure the current iteration is running correctly.


                    Anyways it seems we're getting no further on resolving this issue, so many thanks for your patience and time on getting back to me as I very much appreciate it.