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    Organizing notes in ADE



      I'm thinking of using ebooks for my study, but I'm having trouble organizing my notes in ADE. Maybe I haven't found the right settings yet. Is it possible to change the way you make highlights so the page and date doesn't stand over the sentence or word you have highlighted? (or as a matter of fact not get shown at all) I know I'll be making a lot of notes, and it doesn't matter on what page, or what date. I know it is possible to write something else there, but it will take up too much valuable study-time, and too much space just to write the same thing as is written below in the "--".

      A personal opinion is that it would be nice if it was possible to make it so that what you highlighted was what was shown on the first line, and then if you make a note it is shown just beneath.

      Another thing I have been unable to figure out is how to change the color of the highlight - if it is possible. It could be nice when you use ADE for study I have also had trouble finding normal text editing? like b, i and u - that could also be really useful taking notes when you study.


      Hope you can help me, and that I just haven't been able to find the possibilities and they are already there