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    Create multiline comment keyboard shortcut in CF Builder 2

    chrisv92192484 Level 1

      I'm a new user to CF (few months) and would like to create a keybind to wrap code in a JS multiline comment.  I am aware of Ctrl+Shift+C for CF commenting, but would like to do it for JS as well.


      I have also attempt to create a key in the Preferences->General->Keys and in Preferences->ColdFusion->Profiles->Keys.  Is there a way to tell CF to insert a '/*' at the beginning of select code and add a '*/' to the end when creating a key?  If so a link would be great so I can read up on the different types to learn how useful this could be.


      If one already exists that would be great as well (I have not been able to find any hits for it on my searches).


      Any help is appreciated, thanks.