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    Windows media cue points

      I ceated a motion two movie and exported it as a quicktime move. I then brought it into quicktime pro and saved it as an AVI file, I then brought it into windows movie maker and saved it as a WMV file. I did all this because this will be saved as an exe file burned to cd and played on clients pcs. I didnt want them to have to download any software, like quicktime. Most pcs running windows have windows media video. Unfortunately director doesnt see cue points or the end of file for WMV files. Any ideas on how to add a cue point at the end of the wmv file that director will recognize.
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          I don't think you can have cue points in a wmv file.

          One could probably setup a script that worked from a cue times table
          stored in the director movie.

          While authoring one could temporarily import the quicktime version,
          extract the quePointTimes property of the quicktime member, storing it
          in the table.
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            Yeah, simply create a text member with the list of times that you want
            to use as markers, then have a frame behavior that compares the playback
            time of the video with that list of marker times. I've done this
            several times and it works great. I'll try to dig up the code and post
            it. Heading off on vacation tomorrow, though, so it might be a week or
            so before I can get to it.
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              Found the code. First, create a text member with a list of cue points,
              (given in seconds) that you want to use. Then simply use the following
              two behaviors.

              Put this first behavior in a frame at the beginning of your video.

              global TimeChange, i

              on exitFrame me

              -- Set up a clean list to store time changes in based on cue points --
              TimeChange = []

              -- Fill the Time Change List with values --
              repeat with i = 1 to member("VideoMarkerList").text.word.count
              add TimeChange, ((the ticks) +
              (float(member("VideoMarkerList").text.word )*60))
              )*60))--(cuePoint is given as the number of seconds*1000)

              end repeat

              -- Set the starting cuepoint for the "TimeCheck" behavior to look at --
              set i = 1

              Put this second behavior in any frame you wish to hold on until a cue
              point is reached

              global TimeChange, i

              on exitFrame me

              if (the ticks)<TimeChange then
              go to the frame
              if i < TimeChange.count then
              i = i + 1
              end if
              go to the frame + 1
              end if