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    Tone Curve data in 5DS R vs no Tone Curve data in 5DmkIII DNG Profiles?

    mike mccue


      I have been using dcpTool to look at .xml displays of the Adobe Standard .dcp DNG Profiles.


      I have been doing so in the hopes of replacing the Tone Curve data in the 5DS R files with something that yields results closer to that which I accustomed with for my older Canon 5D series cameras.


      I looked at the 5DS R Tone Curve data and it is described with 65 points.


      I expected to find Tone Curve data in the Canon 5DmkIII DNG profile which I could compare to the tone curve in the Canon 5DS R DNG profile and I quickly learned that the 5DmkIII ( and 5DmkII) does not have any specific Tone Curve data listed in its DNG profile.


      I also looked at an .xml display of a DNG Profile that I have generated for the 5DS R with Adobe DNG Profile Editor using a ColorChecker chart. In that profile I found specific Tone Curve data, and it was described with only 7 points.


      I have two questions:


      First; Is the Tone Curve data supplied so as to support some advanced feature in the 5DS R profiling or has it simply been added to adjust the curve to appear different than would occur with a default? Is there any implication to simply removing the Tone Curve data from the 5DS R profiles other than effecting an adjustment in light values?


      Second; Does the density of the tone curve data serve any purpose other than to potentially describe a complexly shaped curve in more detail? Is interpolation used to allow a smooth or simple curve, described with less points, to seem as useful as a curve that is described with many points?


      Thank you.