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    Connected buttons used to fade out an element


      Hi, I'm new to Edge and thought this would be easy using the timeline but I'm really struggling. I have setup a very basic demo to explain what I am trying to achieve here: http://www.pixellove.com/testing/test.html


      Basically I have three square buttons (green, red, blue). Entering any of the buttons from the white stage fades the pink circle...so far so good. But if I move the cursor from button to button the cirlce appears and shows the fade-out animation, which is logical as I have told it to play the fade-out animation when entering any of the buttons.


      However, what I want to achieve is to keep the pink circle hidden (or at least not play the fade out animation) when moving between the buttons. Only when the cursor leaves the buttons should the pink circle fade-in again.


      I have packed the basic demo as a zip in case that is useful: http://www.pixellove.com/testing/test.zip


      Any help really appreciated