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    Is ADE support just simply bad?


      Hi All

      I have kobo ereader, I'm using XP (I know I should upgrade, but my music software, which is very very expensive and will probably not run on a newer OS) and I used ADE fine until I had to wipe my computer and reinstall windows etc. Now no version of ADE will run properly and the answer from Adobe (on this forum) is always to upgarade and re-install, which never works. They never seem to offer any advice that actualy deals with the problem, which is that ADE keeps closing everytime people try to use it.


      I have now managed to get version 2 (.1 or something) working but it still keeps closing so it's highly unstable and I normally have to do everything twice. The major issue is that Waterstones and other ebook sellers seem to only used Adobe signatures so if ADE doesn't work on your machine, your left with no other choice and no ebooks.


      I would really appreciate some proper support from Adobe rather than the pat answer to reinstall and upgrade.