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    two factor sorting


      So, I tend to shoot on burst setting, and can shoot up to 8 frames per second.  This leads to a lot of photos that have the exact same time stamp in metadata.  I prefer to sort in LR via capture time (easy for me to scan through to what I'm looking for), but this leads to many photos being out of sequence due to the fact that 3 or 4 have the same time stamp, say 12:55:17.  Let's say I'm shooting a baseball game, focusing on the batter.  I'd like the shots to be ordered such that the sort in LR shows the ball approaching the batter sequentially, rather than being close, then far, then in the middle, then back out farther.  I could fix this if I could specify a second sort condition, say based on file name, that is only used when the first condition (capture time) produces more than one candidate, but I don't know how to do this.  I could just sort based on filename, but then my son's photos (shooting my old K10D), and my wife's photos (shooting her K50) will be separated in what otherwise could be a nice timeline.  It's not a really big deal, but for a guy who likes order it's a bit annoying.  Any thoughts on how I can fix this?