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    I can't get the Adobe Digital Edition 4.0 to authorize so I can read a book


      This is the message I get: "An error has been detected- Connection error

      Digital editions could not connect to the activation server. Please make sure you are connected to the internet."


      I am connected to the internet. I have cleared cookies and history. I tried with and without a user ID. I tried changing the properties. There is no help for this subject.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, Kat

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          This problem occurs with ADE 4 version.

          What you can do is to download and install ADE 3.0, the link is here: Download | Adobe Digital Editions Home 

          Make sure that you have install both version 3 and 4


          Open version 3 and authorise with your Adobe ID. It should be able to overcome the activation server issues.

          Open a ebook with it and then close ADE 3 and uninstall the software.


          Open ADE 4 and you will see the ebook in it, and the software is already authorised by itself.

          But you will not be able to download and open subsequent ebook under ADE 4, unless you follow the below instructions.

          Now the trick is to make sure that when you download the next ebook, associate it with ADE 4 (because by default, the computer will

          use ADE 3 to open it. You can associate it from the program folder, under Adobe/ADE 4, look for the AdobeEditions.exe file.

          Subsequently, there is no need to associate it anymore.