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    Get form values


      I have a form that is passing values like  this.

      GETL639NAVY 1649

      GETL639ORANGE 1653

      GETL639PURPLE 0

      GETL794BLACK 0

      GETL794NAVY 0

      GETL794SAHARA 0

      GETL794WHITE 0




      When its not 0 I would like to get

      that specific record from a query

      select * from table

      where ID = '#number#'

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          EddieLotter Level 4

          Do you mean something like this?:


          <cfif form.GETL639NAVY neq 0>

          <cfquery name="theQuery">

            SELECT *

            FROM table

            WHERE ID = <cfqueryparam value="#form.GETL639NAVY#" CFSQLType='CF_SQL_INTEGER'>



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            nataliafoster26 Level 1

            no sorry.

            that would be for that specific variable.

            But for all variables

            'GET....' if the variable is not equal to 0

            then i would like it to find the record in the table which is the ID

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              BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              <cfif isDefined("form.GETL639NAVY")>

                <!--- List of all form fields --->

                <cfset formFieldList = form.fieldnames>


                <cfloop list="#formFieldList#" index="formField">


                <cfif left(formfield,3) is "get" and isNumeric(form[formfield]) and form[formfield] is not 0><!---  Field-name begins with "get" and field value is a number other than 0--->

                     <cfquery name="#formfield#Query"><!---Distinguish dynamically between the queries --->

                      SELECT *

                       FROM TBL

                       WHERE ID = <cfqueryparam value="#form[formfield]#" CFSQLType='CF_SQL_INTEGER'>