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    Can someone guess the speed improvement going from LR4 --> LR6 and a good video card?

    Medoomi Level 1

      I'm aware that LR 6 can now utilize the GPU. I've been using LR 4, and I know there's a bit of a speed loss going from LR 4 --> LR 5.


      All I'm interested in is the responsiveness of the Develop module sliders going LR 4 --> LR 6. Can anyone guess whether the additional GPU support or LR 6 would give an improvement, especially when there might be a speed loss overall coming from LR 4.


      I'm presently using a 6-year-old slow video card, so I can't use a trial of LR 6, but I'm thinking of upgrading it to a decent card, if going to LR 6 would speed the system up (I'm on a 6-cord 64-bit win7 system @4.2Ghz).


      I know guessing is hard, but it's better than my guess with no experience :-)