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    Camera Raw is very slow

    emariebaker23 Level 1

      It is lagging behind, acting very sluggish. I can't see my adjustments in real time because of the lag. For example, the local adjustments brush lagged behind my mouse movement for an average of 3 seconds, sometimes as much as 5 seconds. Also, it took 15 minutes to convert 8 RAW images to JPG when it usually takes about 2 minutes.


      I restarted my computer, I updated to Yosemite (this was happening before I updated to Yosemite, so I thought the update might help), I downloaded the Camera Raw compatibility update that came with the OS update, cleared a lot of my hard drive's memory, and have tried editing with no other programs open, even my wifi turned off, to try and minimize the activities that might suck up processing power of my computer. Nothing improved after any of these steps.


      I have tried contacting Adobe Support outside of Adobe Communities (I have noticed that all similar questions about Camera Raw lagging behind have been archived or left unanswered - my searches have come up with nothing) but Adobe will not allow me to talk to a member of their support team because they apparently do not provide support for this product. I am very frustrated as this has slowed down my photo editing process dramatically.


      Computer Information:

      OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.5

      MacBook Pro

      Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

      Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB


      I currently have about 100 GB of free space on my hard drive; I'm using CS6; Bridge says that I'm using Version of Camera Raw.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try turning off the GPU.




          See the Troubleshooting section of this page:



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            evie00 Level 1

            I am getting very similar slow performance using CC2015 and ACR 9.1.1 on a i7 win 8.1 with 8gb of ram on a QHD 3200x1800 screen. I've disabled GPU but it's taking 3-5 seconds to apply any adjustments like straightening or adjusting white balance. Moving from one raw file to the next it takes 7seconds for the image to render sharply. With GPU enabled this was over 11 seconds, so it's a definite improvement - but what else can I do?

            I bought this laptop to be my powerful yet portable field laptop for processing while out and about and at the moment it's slower than my 2010 i3 with 4gb of ram.

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              Thomas Dearie Level 1

              I'm getting very slow screen response editing in Camera Raw.

              It's back to the speed I had years ago on files of the same size.

              Can't really use it for work at this speed.



              OSX El Capitan

              Late 2013 iMac w

              32 GB of RAM

              Nvidia GTX 780M video card with 4BG of video memory

              Lots of space on my 1TB SSD drive.

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                Thomas Dearie Level 1

                Partial solution:

                I resolved this problem to a great extent by turning off "Use Graphics Processor" in Camera RAW prefs.

                (screenshot below)


                Performance is much better.


                There appears to be an incompatibility between either Camera RAW and the video card or wth OSX El Capitan.

                I also purged my Camera RAW cache, for whatever that's worth.