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    Javascript close and save changes without JPG quality dialogue

    RESlyder Level 1

      I am working on a script that exports images from Illustrator and resizes them in Photoshop to be the proper height/width/dpi we need. I send the command through BridgeTalk, and the resize works great, but when I try to use doc.close(SaveOptions.SAVECHANGES); PS stops on each image with a JPEG quality dialogue box.


      Is there anyway around this dialogue? I know I can do a save as, but that forces JPG to be the file type and sometimes we export PNGs using the same script, so it becomes a much more complicated script if I have to add conditions and save options for both file types and send via bridge talk. I just want it to save in whatever file format it already was and keep moving. Is there a force save that overrides any dialogs? I also tried a line of code for turning dialogs off (displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO), but that didn't seem to work either. Is it possible to work around this or do I have to go the other way and make the script conditional and use save as. The annoying part is it works perfectly for the PNGs! Thanks in advance for any help!