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    virtual copies


      (A) Primary question - I create virtual copies to edit in the Develop mode.  Sometimes I create them in Library mode; sometimes while already in Develop mode.  Most of the time, when I create a virtual copy, that becomes the one I am in.  However, sometimes, I think predominantly when I am in Develop, if I am not looking carefully I will find myself editing the original, and not the virtual copy.  I don't think I have changed any settings.  Does anyone know if there is a setting for LR's behavior when a virtual copy is created?  Specifically, is there someplace I can tell LR that if I create a virtual copy that copy, upon creation, should be the one selected?


      (B) Secondary question - I recently had problems getting HDR through LR to work.  I was trying to use 3 virtual copies for the HDR.  I called Adobe for help and they suggested I try with the 3 originals.  That worked and the originals are unaffected.  Adobe says it should work with virtual copies as well, but that mine must have been corrupted.  I am hoping that Adobe can analyze my 3 virtual copies to see if they are corrupt.  In the meantime, has anyone found that some of their virtual copies could not be used or were otherwise corrupted?  If so, do you know how they became corrupted and what was done to avoid a repeat?

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          3catz Level 1

          (A)  I should add that when LR automatically selects the just created virtual copy rather than the original seems arbitrary - just before I wrote my question, the original remained selected; just now the virtual was.  I had not changed the settings or preferences.  Could there be some subtle control depending on exactly how I depress the ' and command key? Or am I missing something obvious?

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            dj_paige Level 10

            There is no such setting.


            You can tell if you are working on the virtual copy in the Develop Module by looking in the History Panel, and in the Library Module Grid because there is a "page-turned" icon at the bottom left of the image.


            With regard to (B), I am very very skeptical of Adobe's explanation, I can't imagine how a virtual copy can be corrupted but the original is not corrupted, both are based on the same original image.

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              sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi 3catz,


              (A) There is no such settings for virtual copy. If you create a virtual copy of an image, you will be moved to its virtual copy for further editing.

              (B) Virtual copy can be merged to HDR, all what you need is images with different exposures to produce HDR effect.



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                Martin Rosindale Level 1

                I'm having the same problem. Until 3 days ago I could merge virtual copies to make an HDR photo in LR but this has suddenly stopped working. Choosing 3 vc's and the 'Merge to HDR' produces no response whatsoever. No error messages.

                Also, often finding that the histogram in Develop mode fails to respond to changes to Exposure etc. The adjustments show in the image but not in histogram.

                All this weirdness started 3 days ago, no apparent reason for it. Computer working normally otherwise.


                I have tried the usual remedies like disable Graphics Processor and resetting prefs, nothing has made a difference.


                Using 2013 iMac with 16GB RAM, Yosemite (latest) and LR 6.1.1.


                Anyone got any ideas?

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                  sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Please try to reinstall Lightroom and check if it helps.



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                    Martin Rosindale Level 1



                    No offence but this kind of response is not good enough. Asking people to spend large amounts of time trying to manually disable graphics processors, continually reset or trash preferences files or re-install Lightroom is really asking customers who have paid good money to solve Adobe's problems for it. If the program had been properly tested before release the many of these problems would not be happening. I feel particularly sorry for PC users who seem to be suffering way more than we Mac users. Lightroom gets more flaky with each release. Capture One is growing more attractive by the day.


                    I like what LR does, when it works properly, and do not want to have to migrate to another application but I resent paying money for a program which has large numbers of faults which should have been identified by adequate testing prior to its release. I would rather the next version, LR 7, is released late than be rushed out full of bugs just to satisfy some accountant who wants to meet a deadline. This is sloppy practice Adobe, you must do better!

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                      perlok Level 1

                      I experienced the same problem (b).

                      In my case , it fails when I create a Virtual copy of a Virtual copy using the

                      keyboard shortcut Ctrl + '


                      It works if I create the first Virtual copy and then Highlight the original image (1 of x)

                      and create another virtual copy of the original image.

                      Does this make sense ...