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    Text Editing complication (check out document? InCopy?)




      So, there's been some kind of change in one of the updates to InDesign, I guess. I'm trying to make a couple edits to a text block in a file created in an older version of InDesign. When I try to make the changes, I get two messages: 1. "You must check out the contents of this frame in order to make changes. Check out now?"  If I click yes, I get this message: "This story needs to be converted to 'InCopy Document" format in order to edit it.


      I think it has something to do with the fact the text in the document is a linked text file. However, I've never encountered this in my older versions of InDesign and I have no idea how to move forward to make these simple changes.


      Can anyone help me out with this (probably very remedial) issue?


      Thank you in advance!