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    What stylus is recommended with Adobe Illustrator Draw?


      What stylus is recommended with Adobe Illustrator Draw?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on your drawing style.  At this point, I may wait a couple of days to see what Apple's announcement is going to be on September 9.


          The latest version addresses some issues with iOS9 and bluetooth, but there are so many different factors and stylus options, you should try some yourself. 

          Adobe has their own (Adobe Ink), but Draw works with multiple manufacturers' options.

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            gec78 Level 2

            I have the Adonit Touch Pixel Point - which seems to be what Adobe Ink it based on, although slightly cheaper, and I'm really disappointed with it, especially for the cost. It's laggy and not accurate. I haven't even used it for months and fall back on my Bamboo rubber nib (Bamboo Stylus Solo 2nd Gen | Wacom Australia). I'm really hopeful looking at the Apple Pencil and I'm going to start begging Adobe right now to support it. That though means the purchase of a grand's worth of iPad before you even pay $100 for the pen. If that's not the route you want to take, I really advise anyone to stay away from the bluetooth stylus that are about. At the end of the day, thanks to Steve Jobs' stupid "If you see a stylus they blew it" comment, they are basically an expensive hack. Rubber nibbed stylus for the iPad are really the only way I find I can work

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