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    Actionscript motion with timing

      Alright i'll try and make sense. I have a file that i have put together that uses rollovers to activate actionscript which cycles through a few movie clips. the slide across the screen and ease into place. Basically it just shifts the image from offstage to on when rolled over. What I am hoping to do is have this happen automatically. so the movie plays without rolling over the buttons moving 1 image into frame, freezing for 10 seconds then move on to the next frame, but when you roll over you can jump to that section in the clip.

      So i have 12 images lined up and put into one movie clip. The position is changed by the AS when a rollover is called. I want to automate this until it is called. Make sense?

      Here is my current script which I have on the MC. Let me know how I can do this.