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    Indesign keeps crashing & corrupting my files


      Indesign is crashing regularly, every time it crashes I lose the last file that was open at the time of the crash!! I cannot re-open this file, if I attempt to open it, indesign crashes again & again. This has happened 7 times in the last couple of months. I'm getting really sick of having to re-build complicated art files.


      There doesn't seem to be any consistency for when it crashes. Most times though, ID crashes just after (or as) the file I've been working on is closed.


      I'm on CC 2015 the latest version and I'm running OS X 10.9.5. (haven't updated to Yosemite yet)


      I just tried to re-open todays corrupted file again & it came up with the following info about "an invalid frame". Whether I press Yes or No, it won't let me open it & crashes ID again.


      Please help urgently!!!  Is there any way I can recover my corrupt file from today?



      Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.19.06 pm.png