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    Combo box list can't display full item description in Acrobat X


      Sorry for the basic question. I am new to scripting and Adobe Acrobat so I am still trying to learn what is doable vs. what isn't.


      I have created a form for my employer, however they have requested a change to the form which has left my scratching my head.


      The form is very tight and has very little space to move around fields.  One combo box is about .25" wide. Initially, this size worked since the item list only

      contained 4 digits. So for example, the combo box would have 0000, 1111, and 2222 as options to choose from.  Now my employer is asking me to display more information in the combo box e.g., "0000 state funding tax deferred," "1111 federal funding, must be be audited." The catch is that the field cannot be made larger than .25"


      It seems that my issue is a twofold:  1) I don't know if it is possible to select a description from the combo box list, and script it to display only a four digit corresponding code in the SAME text field. Even if this is possible 2) the combo box only displays at the size it has been adjusted for (.25").  If I put spaces in the name, it cuts off the rest of the title, so users can't see the . Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.52.52 PM.png

      description. Notice that rest of the description is only displayed when I mouse over, which they won't accept.


      Recommendations? Any help would be appreciated.