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    Few questions

    Jarda Bereza Level 4

      1) Can i buy CC team licence for single app and use it on two computers?

      1a) Is it ok for two computers with two diferent users?


      2) I am work in Company "A". I have several projects in my PC. I want share files of project #1 with Company "B". I want synchronize files and folders both way with Company "B". The files schloud be same in my PC, in cloud and in Their PC. But I want synchronize only Project #1 not others. So i will change something in library (Company A) and when Company B open PSD, there will be my changes. Is it possible? What licence we need? Is there a problem with the billing terms of the two companies?


      3) Decreases file revision disk space? (one PSD and its latest versions)


      4) It can synchronize files by someone who does not have a subscription?


      5) If I will buy a full license for the teams... Can I put on one PC Photoshop, Illustrator for the second, on third PC InDesign, on the fourth Edge Animate? ... Or must all be on one PC?


      Thank you for your response. I need human answer. Please do not send me links here:

      http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/creativecloud/cc/pdfs/cc-enterprise-ove rview-ue.pdf

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