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    Indesign very slow


      I have problem with indesign that is become really slow. I don't know what to do or what to check. Some suggestion?


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by telling us what version of InDesign you're using and what platform. Did you just install this version? Is this the first time you've used InDesign? Did something change on your system?

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            Bobbitaly Level 1

            Thanks for the answer (question)

            osx Yosemite + Indesign cc upgraded with the latest version.

            I realize that most of the problem is with the latest upgrade. I think that would help to know that a I had the same problem with Indesign CS5.

            I also use Indesign and photoshop without any of these problems

            My computer is always upgraded so I cannot tell if something goes wrong with last version of my SW.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you updated to InDesign CC 2015.1 (came a couple weeks ago)? That would be the first thing.


              Then try restoring your InDesign preferences:

              Trash, Replace, Reset, or Restore the application Preferences

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                Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                Look at the default CC Library (My Library) that is created and installs text styles and swatches in it.


                I had the same problem three weeks ago. I don't know if it was purging a whole lot of fonts or turning off the links to text styles and swatches that did it, but I've had no problems for a while (cross fingers). And I've still got all the fancy bells, whistles, anchored graphics, and other sophisticated features in my document.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Sandee's reply reminded me that the CC Libraries feature can cause a slowdown. Here's a link which explains how to fix it:


                  https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/creative-cloud-libraries-panel-doesn-t-load-in-d esktop-products.html

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                    Bobbitaly Level 1


                    I have fixed indesign as you recommend me but the problem still exist. This morning I still trying to fix it but none happened =( Now the library is not available.

                    Is there something I can check ?

                    Thank you

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                      Pretty much the same issue we've experienced in our studio.



                      After installing the recent Apple & Adobe updates (Yosemite 10.10.5 and Adobe CC on some of our Macs, InDesign became very laggy to use in general. Illustrator and Photoshop also seem to be affected, though not so badly as InDesign.


                      I believe it's the Apple Yosemite 10.10.5 update that broke things here, not the Adobe CC update... for us at least.  I say this because some of our Macs don't yet have the Apple update installed, but they do have the .122 Adobe CC update, and they work fine.  Our other Macs however, with both updates, were clobbered.


                      All the Macs are identical hardware (latest iMacs, same versions and configs) and are on the same network, so we can rule out any issues there.  Even a clean installed 10.10.5 system with only CC clean installed immediately showed the problem (so clearly no prefs issues) and none of the other recommended fixes worked.



                      Anyway, if, like us, you're finding the fixes already around the web just don't work (or at best don't stick for long), try these three simple steps that work for us...


                      The work-around...

                      First, if any CC apps are currently open or have been running at all since your last Startup, do a Restart now.  A clean slate to begin!




                      1. Disconnect from the internet.  Any method will do... either unplug the network cable or, in Sys Prefs/Network, turn off Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or uncheck any proxy server settings (in Advanced, Proxies), whichever of these methods is appropriate for your setup.  If you're unsure whether you've definitely disconnected, try accessing any web page in your browser as a test.

                      2. Launch the CC app.  (Best to launch all of the big 3 CC apps (ID, AI, PS) at this point, if you use them all)

                      3. Re-connect to the internet (good news - you can now continue using it as normal, as well as the CC apps).

                      Now it's been launched like this, try using ID (or PS or AI) again.  Faster??  This fix should keep working for as long as you keep the app(s) opened.



                      If the above work-around makes a noticeable difference for you too, I can show you how the 3 steps can be easily automated via a small script and a Login Item to launch it, to avoid the repeated hassle of applying the fix.



                      More about the problem...

                      I've confirmed the CC apps (ID, AI & PS so far) each try to establish internet connections (to Adobe presumably) in the background at launch time only.  By effectively preventing these initial connections via the above steps, the lag issues disappear.  The apps appear to function without any unwanted side effects.


                      Only a short & temporary disconnection from the internet is needed, i.e. until the apps have finished launching, so no great disruption to normal working.


                      Our Macs are within a corporate WAN, hence connected to the internet via proxy servers and firewalls etc. However, only those Macs with OS X 10.10.5 are affected, even though all Macs are on the same network setup and have the same CC version, so logic would suggest neither the network nor CC is responsible for the problem.


                      I'm not sure whether the above work-around would prevent synching to the CC Cloud etc, since we aren't using that so haven't tested it.  However, as Adobe CC Desktop still re-establishes its internet connection and Adobe sign-ins are unaffected, I guess synching may not be a problem after all (?).  Anyway, no harm in trying, if you do need synching.



                      Until Apple unbreak this in OS X (don't hold your breath!), we'll carry on with this work-around in the meantime.


                      I'd be most interested to know whether the above also works for anyone else.


                      Good luck! :-)


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                        Bobbitaly Level 1

                        Thanks a lot @ paulw29393012 for all the suggestions. I confirm that problems started with OS upgrade on Agoust. Luckily I don't have any problem with PS and AI except for the libraries that sometimes don't work -but it is not always.

                        I have tried all ticks you suggested but even off-line it does not works as I expect.

                        I wonder if I have to do anything more. My job is 70-80% with ID it is very important to me that it can work faster

                        Thanks a lot


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                          paulw29393012 Level 1

                          Hello Barbara,


                          Thank you for responding. Sorry to hear ID is still giving you a problem. 


                          There are a few additional things you could quickly try setting that may make a difference.  Do all of the following...


                          1. In the ID app, Window menu, ensure CC Libraries is unticked. (Otherwise, it may still be trying to connect to the internet).
                          2. In the ID app, Preferences, Sync Settings, ensure Sync is set to None
                          3. In Adobe Creative Cloud app, Preferences, Creative Cloud, Files tab, ensure Sync is set to  Off.
                          4. In Adobe Creative Cloud app, Preferences, Creative Cloud, Fonts tab, ensure Typekit is set to Off

                          As we don't use synching here, we have all the above settings.  It may be that by having any of these enabled your Mac is still attempting to connect and causing app delays.  I can't test this myself right now as I'm not with the machines.


                          Finally, Restart the Mac and repeat the earlier procedure for disconnecting the internet etc.


                          Please let me know the outcome.





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                            rickhino Level 1

                            This is NOT an apple OS issue.  It affects all versions of InDesign including Windows 7 and above.

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                              Bobbitaly Level 1

                              Thank you for the answers. I do What paulw29393012 suggested and ID seems to work better. I must tell that I sync typekit because I use a several Adobe fonts.

                              I still have problem with library CC with ID and IL.

                              Thanks a lot

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                                rickhino Level 1

                                Hi Paul,


                                Not sure if your answers will work but I do know that Adobe DELETED my symbols library during the last update in an effort to push me toward libraries. Now that I have all of my frequently used bits in the library, you're suggesting I shut it off.  This makes sense as a fix, but I'm starting to think the only way to stop Adobe from using us as guinea pigs is a class action suit claiming damages for lost time.


                                If automobiles acted this way, they'd be recalled.

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                                  paulw29393012 Level 1

                                  Hi Rick,


                                  I wouldn't know about the Windows version but not surprised to hear it's also affected.  As for the Mac, I can only assume OS 10.10.5 and ID are a case of 'bad company' rather than the problem being wholly down to either of them.  ID seems much better on 10.10.3 for us.  Maybe our company firewall is an added factor in all this. Whatever, it does seem related to the network/internet in our case.


                                  I did discover each Mac tried to connect to no less than 20(!) different IPs when ID is running (bonkers!).  Most of these IPs are to Akamai, whom Adobe use to provide much of their Cloud services technology I believe.  Anyway, I blocked all the IPs with our virus software on the local machines, since we're not using any online CC features here.  By itself this step didn't appear to really tip the difference though.. 


                                  It was just disconnecting temporarily from the internet while launching ID that made the biggest difference.  Perhaps you could try that too?  Whether doing so would badly affect the CC libraries, Typekit or file synching I don't know.  I wouldn't suggest anyone just switches off the library if they do need it, only if they don't (like us). However, trying it at least may help some to pinpoint the culprit.


                                  It's very difficult for me to gauge exactly what changes make how much difference as I don't want to bug our busy designers with too many questions along the way (they haven't got time for patience!).  As I mostly support them remotely online, my often laggy remote connection doesn't help with my own conclusions about the performance changes along the way. 


                                  Adobe do need to get to the bottom of this, and fast.  Such a shame it causes sooooo much pain for those who heavily rely on it as their main work tool for a living. A broken car is a good analogy!


                                  Btw, what sort of internet connection do you have?  Private from home or through a company proxy server & firewall?  I do get the feeling that firewalling could be largely involved in the issues.


                                  Please keep us posted on any further findings.  I'll do likewise of course.



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                                    paulw29393012 Level 1

                                    Hello again Barbara, thanks for your feedback.  Good to hear you found something's improved at least.  Did you also try temporarily disabling the CC library and Typekit etc as per my 2nd post above btw?  Not an ongoing solution for you I know, but it would be interesting to know what difference it makes when tried.



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                                      rickhino Level 1

                                      Hi Paul,


                                      Business internet connection without firewall or proxy.  The network sniffer I have shows Adobe using and losing more connections than they will ever admit.  I stopped using Adobe for a while because I got tired of this type of "profits before people" attitude.  However, it seemed with Creative Suite they got it back together and were putting their customers first.  Less bloatware and more functional products that improved the workflow.  I don't blame the programmers.  It's obvious that whoever was running things back then is out and a new ROI manager is running the store.  Otherwise, they wouldn't have released an update that puts profits before people.  They need to get rid of whoever decided it was a good idea to release the alpha version of the software.


                                      I have everything but libraries turned off, but the song remains the same.  The display can't keep up with my slow-as-molasses typing.


                                      I convinced my boss to incorporate Creative Suite into our information workflow and now I feel like a complete idiot.


                                      Me:                      "Sorry boss, the project isn't complete because Adobe released a clunker."

                                      The Boss:           "But you said it was a great program."

                                      Me:                      Well, it was until the latest update."

                                      The Boss:          "How much are we spending for it?"


                                      You get the idea.  It doesn't help that if I revert to the 2014 version, I have to resave every file from every project I started after the update.  My short-term solution is to stop all new projects, Finish the what I started, then revert to 2014.


                                      My long-term solution is to dump Creative Cloud and find another set of programs to use.  If the folks at Adobe would just fess up and give us an idea of when it will be fixed instead of playing the usual blame the user game, perhaps I would feel differently.


                                      Good luck!

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                                        paulw29393012 Level 1

                                        Hi Rick,


                                        I understand and share your anger & frustrations.  Though I don't actually use these products myself (thank heavens!) I can assure you it's also a nightmare providing user support when things like this are happening!  I don't have any magic wand, and users are often not the most helpful when it comes to helping them.  After all, they only want to get on with their own work, usually in a mad hurry.


                                        If we really had other products to choose from, I suspect the big players like Adobe would then have to try much harder to make sure things are dead right. But history shows there's usually only ever one or two key products in the market at a time, so we all get tied into following the pack, like it or not. There was a time when any design co would hardly dare not to use PageMaker for instance.  The same later happened with QuarkXpress.  Then along came InDesign.  Each in turn dominates their market.  Who's next???


                                        I wish it was quick & easy to roll-back on the updates.  This should be a standard feature in all software products - a simple one-click roll-back option.  But providing it would be publicly admiitting their updates might actuallly break more than they fix, lol!   Yet who's really got the time to constantly follow the textbook mantra to always back things up before each and every apps/OS update?  Not always straightforward or convenient to do it, even though hindsight can often show it's the lesser of evils.


                                        Btw, did you get to try the temporary disconnect from the internet while launching the apps yet?  I'd be interested to know what result you get with that in terms of app speed at least.  CC libraries might even still work (ho ho).  Our Adobe sign-ins are resumed immediately afterwards, which could bode well for the libraries too.  I don't know, but certainly worth a try.




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                                          Bobbitaly Level 1

                                          Hi Paulw

                                          sorry for my bad english again. Concerning your question: I do alla stuff you tell me. And now it is working faster . Now all stuff is connected. I'm a graphic designer for an important political Union here in Italy and is avoid share all documents with I cloud. I know it is protect bla bla.. but we prefer to save all doc in a local server. The point is that I'm working with the Sync file off. It seems the real solution of my problem.

                                          I hope it can help


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                                            paulw29393012 Level 1

                                            Hi Barbara,


                                            Good to hear it's now running faster for you. I've now discovered that this work-around actually has the side effect of disabling the synching, so it's just as well that you're not using that feature.  As I said earlier, we don't need the synching either, hence we don't have the problem.


                                            Not such good news for anyone who needs to sync though. Regarding the CC Libraries, I've been unable to test that as we don't use them.  Maybe someone could try them when testing the work-around I gave?


                                            As for your own situation, I'd like to know what happens if you don't use the work-around but do turn off the synching.  Is that still faster for you?



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                                              Bobbitaly Level 1

                                              Dear Paulw..

                                              I don't know what happen but the problem stil exist =((((

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                                                Thanks paulw29393012 your workaround has certainly helped me out, legend!

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                                                  Conan Of Rottingham Level 1

                                                  I have used both Adobe stuff and CorelDraw... while adobe is less buggy than CorelDraw... Coreldraw is quick snappy and doesn't bog down my pc like Adobe does.

                                                  I never look to adobe for anything unless i have to.  Coreldraw is nice program that you never have to minimize to do something else.  You can create a newsletter, create vector, adjust images and colors all while never leaving the page you are working on.  I would not recommend adobe to anyone... I have used it for 3 years at a commercial work environment and used Coreldraw for 14 years at my job.. we still use both... but CorelDraw is my 1st place winner... my stomach gets sick to think I have adobe installed on my pc.

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                                                    rickhino Level 1

                                                    I have noticed that the InDesign speed issue is still not resolved.  I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from near and far, but still somehow, it's clouds illusions I recall, I really don't like clouds at all.

                                                    In addition to the InDesign speed problem, Adobe has decided to put their need to push us to their cloud in the direct path of my workflow.  Today I downloaded Inkscape  and I will have to find a new graphic design program to replace Photoshop and InDesign.  It will take me a while to learn and I will lose the excellent workflow I used to have before Creative Cloud became a Microsoft-style bloatware mess.  But I can no longer rely on what used to be a great product.  OK Adobe, Either get the bean counters out of the software development process or continue to lose customers.