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    Problem with Lightroom 6.0


      Hello all,

      I have a Nikon d5100 and I always worked with Lr 5 on Windows 7 and there was no problem. Yesterday I downloaded Windows 10 and Lr 6. I changed nothing on my camera which is in format JPEG and not RAW. When I import my pictures on my desktop there is no problem; the colors are intact, everything is ok. But when I import the pictures on Lightroom and I want to develop them, then they appear dark and I can't treat them correctly. However before the importation in Lightroom, every predefined parameter is off so Lr should let my pictures intact as on the camera or on the desktop. I searched on the internet and they said that maybe the camera is in RAW format but no. I really need help because it never happend before and I changed nothing on the Lr parameter or on the camera. Is Windows 10 maybe the source of the problem?

      Thank for the help!