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    Find the Position in an XML Document of certain data

      I have an XML file that I read in using CfFile and then XmlParse. Once I have it as an XML document I can loop through the records with no problem. But the size of the XML file is starting to get rather large. So instead of looping I would like to use XMLSearch or some other method to position myself in the XML document so I can edit the XML data. You see the ArrayLen of the XML document is approximately 6000 records and looping to find the record I need to update is taking too long. So what I would like to know is if there is a better method to search for the record I need to update in the XML without having to loop through the whole XML document to get to the record I need. I looked at XmlSearch using Xpath but it seems to only extract the records I need into an array. I do not need to extract the data I need to find the data in the XML and update it. Any help would be appreciated.