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    xmp files conflict


      I have a problem with 'conflicts' in some of the xmp files. My workflow involves PhotoMechanic for image selection -> Bridge -> Adobe Camera Raw. After processing, some of the RAW images lose the changes I've applied, because the .xmp files are being automatically renamed (file name + this: _iMac-van-Izabela.local_Sep-01-193746-2015_Conflict). This happens only to a part of the .xmp files, whereas the rest remains OK (all images are in one folder and I apply exactly the same workflow for all of them, and they are shot with one camera). Changing the filename back to the original one doesn't help, it's renamed again after a few seconds. I have no idea what sort of conflict it could be. I've never had that problem working with CS6 in Windows, it occurs since I made the switch to CC and iMac. Any ideas what the problem might be??