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    I have no way to update my credit card information


      So I have been in the hospital and just got out.   During my stay I had to get a new credit card because of some fraudulent activity going on with my bank account.  When I got home my computer had the notification that I needed make a payment that the payment process didn't complete.  So I went to click on my Adobe Creative Cloud app on my desktop and its completely gone.  Not sure if this is by design, but its not on there although my Adobe Lightroom  and Photoshop and the other stuff are all still on my computer.  The message says I have 12 days left.  I went online to Adobe and signed into my account and it is completely counter intuitive.  I click on Manage and still it takes me to another website.  There is no area or place to click to just simply update my credit card information at all.  It just takes me to a customer care page which leads me to these discussion forums.  This is terrible customer service by the way Adobe.  I had a free trial but also flat out purchased apps along with my free trial and was paying a monthly amount with tax $10.81


      So where is the area on my account here where I can update my credit card info?  You do want me to continue my subscription right?  So why make this so difficult for you customer to do?