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    Why Does Adobe keep BREAKING its products?


      WHY, WHY, WHY, cant Adobe just leave things working?! why do you continuously cause the production of USERS to go to crap with each update of the product?


      Every time there is an update it seems your trying to make some GRAND move toward A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE but the only experience is on of broken deadlines and frustration using  a product that was working is now "not supported" or not found. This is JUST SO FRUSTRATING! extensions don't work because you're trying to control the product to the point of its SCREWING the user out of the ease of the product. For businesses and students its a disaster. In some instance its worse than "windows" updates.


      C'mon folks! get it together at Adobe We are the USERS, Stop screwing with the product USABILITY. No, the extension manager didn't need to be overhauled into oblivion. Your 2015 product "illustrator" is basically USELESS to a vinyl cutter. Why? Because the plug-in no longer works, and there is NOT an update for it.


      I have spent over 10 hours trying to find a solution for this "UPGRADE" to 2015! All because your programmers thought…"hey it'll be easier to code if we eliminate…" but then it NEVER WORKS THE WAY ITS INTENDED!


      Don't take this wrong, some new things are pretty cool but those things are NEW. As in never been before. In my experience every time adobe goes to improve the "user experience" they SCREW IT UP! STOP IT ALREADY! fix the extensions so they load without the WEB devices. This is NUTS!