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    Incomplete merge when using "Import from Another Catalog"

    Matthew A Kraus Level 1

      Using Lightroom CC 2015, I want to merge a catalog of one of my Collection Sets from my DT computer to my LT using “Import from Another Catalog”.


      On my DT, I am choosing the top Collection Set, let’s call it “TEST”.  I want to merge the entire collection set “TEST” from the collection list on the left which includes several sub collection sets and sub collections.  There are a total of 114 photos and 13 VC’s.  And obviously, in this “TEST” Collection set, there is a folder tree with the proper order of sub collection sets & sub collections.


      I then want to import this lrcat from my DT into my existing cat on my LT.  The problem is my existing LT lrcat already has a Collection set called “TEST”, which has some of the photos already, and a folder tree of Collection Sets and Collections which is only a partial folder tree compared to my LT’s because it doesn’t yet include all the photos.


      I go through the process of importing this lrcat and it merges with my LT’s.


      Unfortunately, once done, when I compare my LT to my DT, the total number of photos in the top main ”TEST” collection set on my LT is less than the total number on my DT, and the Collection set folder tree is incomplete and not the same with less photos in each sub collection or sub collection set.


      Any thoughts?




      Matthew Kraus

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Matthew A Kraus,


          You can export a collection of photos as a new catalog. When you create a catalog from a collection of photos, the settings in the photos are exported to the new catalog.

          {you cannot export a collection set }


          • Select the collection or smart collection that you want to use to create a catalog.
          • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the collection name and choose Export This Collection as a Catalog.
          • Specify the name, location, and other options for the catalog, and then click Save (Windows) or Export Catalog (Mac OS).

          And then import the catalog on other Lightroom catalog via "Import from Another Catalog option" under file menu.


          It will be imported as a catalog and you will not see the images under Collections but will see them under Folders.


          Please let us know if it helps



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            Matthew A Kraus Level 1

            Thanks for explaining the details of the process to me. 


            Matthew Kraus