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    How do I: rate JPG uploads while travelling with LR Mobile but process RAWs at home?


      I'm on vacation with my Nexus 9, my wife's iPad, my DSLR, and my Lightroom CC subscription. I am shooting RAW+JPG because I'm uploading the odd shot to social media while mobile. As an experiment, I put all the photos I've taken so far into a CC collection via the iPad using Apple's SD card reader. (I'm pretty sure this only did the JPGs, not the RAWs. When I look at image info in Lightroom mobile I see .JPG extensions.) (I couldn't find a way to do that via the Nexus 9, even though I have an SD card reader and OTG cable with me.)


      What I'd like to do is during some downtime start going through the photos on my Nexus and mark out picks and rejects and assign some ratings. Then when I get back to my computer at home, I want to load up all my RAWs and have Lightroom magically remember which images I assigned ratings to, even though I was working with JPGs at the time. Is that going to work? I have a feeling it isn't.


      Would the answer be different if I was just shooting RAW? I have a feeling it would.